For almost two decades Women Building Futures has been training and supporting women for careers in the trades. We are very fortunate to have developed strong relationships with organizations like yours, who have been enthusiastic in support of our initiatives and growth.

As WBF launches ‘You Got This,’ our most ambitious campaign ever, we are excited for the opportunity to continue building our partnerships and making a difference.

We hope you see the ‘You Got This’ campaign as an opportunity to showcase the shared values and goals that are foundational to our partnership.

The following campaign creative assets can be used as you help contribute and support the ‘You Got This’ campaign, which will add influence and help amplify the message and extend the reach of the campaign.





To download all creative campaign assets: 


From everyone at Women Building Futures, thank you for all of your support. We believe this campaign will have a real, measurable impact for women and their families, and help change the face of our industry. Your efforts and support are a vital part of that.